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About this site
WMV stands for William Marriage Video. Years ago, I did the seemingly mad thing and set myself up in business. My concept was to use my knowledge of video as both a medium and a technology, to help ordinary people and smaller companies benefit from the falling cost of such a potentially powerful medium. This still remains a philosophy to which I am committed. The spectacular rise of online video to the point where it could well take over from broadcast and physical media, and the availability of low cost mobile phones which can shoot video of surprisingly good quality, and then upload it from anywhere, seem to make my initial ideas look understated! But now with more material online than we can ever hope to watch, the difference made by a properly produced offering are easy to spot. I once heard this compared to the ubiquity of pencils, but the relative rarity of truly artistic sketches.

All very worthy, but the needs of the floods of bills coming through the door have made me widen my activities to include big multinationals with loads of money too! I do a variety of technical work for TV broadcasters, which includes engineering, installation, vision control and master control. These seem to be necessary but less glamorous skills, which I am fortunate enough to possess.

I also produce videos. These have included direct sell through special interest documentary, training material, presentation support material, live event and performance recording. Other services include shooting, editing and transfer.

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